Mihaela PĂUN, Ting CHEN, Raja NASSAR
Spectral Analysis on Tripolar Laplacian Electrocardiogram

Abstract. Tripolar Laplacian electrocardiogram (TLECG) provides high spatiotemporal distributed information about cardiac electrical activation. This study performed spectral analysis in frequency domain on four subject’s body surface TLECG. The periodogram ordinates and spectral density estimates were calculated. The highest periodogram and predominant frequency of each recording location were determined by the plots of periodogram against frequency or period. Several statistics techniques were performed to test if the recorded TLECG is white noise. Kruskal Wallis analysis and Friedman’s test were carried out on the highest periodogram and predominant frequencies at all recording locations. The results indicated that the highest periodogram and frequencies of the TLECG are not significantly different at different recording locations and there is no significant difference in subjects for the highest periodogram and frequency among the recording locations with 5% significant level.