Volume 6, Numbers 1–2, 2003 (pp. 1–266)


Joshua J. Arulanandham, Cristian S. Calude, Michael J. Dinneen
Solving SAT with Bilateral Computing
pp. 9—18

A Construction of Texts by Using an Algebraic Constraint
pp. 19—31

Tudor Balanescu, Horia GEORGESCU, Marian GHEORGHE;
Stream X-Machines (Eilenberg Machines) with Underlying Dstributed Grammars
pp. 33–44

Gemma Bel-Enguix, Carlos Martin-Vide, Alexandru Mateescu
Dialogue and Splicing on Routes
pp. 45—60

R. Belu, A. Paun, A. R. Belu
Neural Networks in Measurement, Instrumentation and Control
pp. 61—85

P. Bottoni, G. Mauri, P. Mussio
From Strings to Pictures and Back
pp. 87–104

Virgil Emil Cazanescu, Manfred Kudlek
Local Rewriting
pp. 105—120

R. Ceterchi, K.G. Subramanian
Simple Circular Splicing Systems
pp. 121—134

Jurgen Dassow
A Remark on Extended Simple Eco-Grammar Systems
pp. 135—139

Adrian Horia Dediu; Lars Hildenbrand; Claudio Moraga
A Remote Objects Implementation of Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms for Performances Analysis
pp. 141—152

Radu Gramatovici
Bounded Deterministic Go-Through Automata
pp. 153—164

F. Ipate, T. Balanescu, P. Kefalas, M. Holcombe, G. Eleftherakis
A new Model of Communicating Stream X-machine Systems
pp. 165—183

Solomon MARCUS
Information Sciences; Successive Waves and Semiotic Aspects
pp. 185—188

V. Mitrana, K.G. Subramanian, Monica Tataram
Pictural Networks of Evolutionary Processors
pp. 189—198

Radu Nicolescu, Robert Plummer
A Pair Programming Expriment in a Large Computing Course
pp. 199—216

Sergiu Rudeanu
Boolean-Based Ordered Monoids
pp. 217—226

Nicolae Tandareanu
Inheritance-Based Knowledge Systems And Their Answer Functions Computation Using Lattice Theory
pp. 227–248

Luminita State, Catalina Cocianu
A Connectionist Approach of the Bayesian Pattern Classifier Adaptive Learning
pp. 249—259