Volume 6, Numbers 3–4, 2003 (pp. 267–402)


The Galois Connection between Weakest Precondition and Strongest Postcondition
pp. 269–273

Liviu P. DINU
On the Density of Certain Languages
pp. 275–280

Felicia IONESCU, Mihai IONESCU, Elena-Cristina COCONU, George-Valentin STOICA
On the Granularity and Load-Balancing of Parallel Test Vectors Generation
pp. 281–293

Tudor NICULIU, Mihai CIUC, Chouki AKTOUF
Hierarchical Behavioral Adaptable Design for Testability
pp. 295–322

Cosmin N. POPESCU, Ovidiu RADU
Improving Sliding Mode Control for Boost Preregulator
pp. 323–332

Constantin POPESCU
A Group Blind Signature Scheme Based on the Okamoto-Shiraishi Assumption
pp. 333–344

Vasile SIMA, Diana Maria SIMA
High-Performance Algorithms for Linear Multivariable System Identification
pp. 345–375

Corneliu Eugen D. STERIAN
Extending Tarokh's Space-Time Codes to 4-D Using Rotationally Invariant Rectangular Constellations for High Data Rate Wireless Communications
pp. 377–392

Categorical Models of Multisets
pp. 393–400