Volume 3, Number 2, 2000, 143 - 156

The Inversion Onset at the MOS/SOI Capacitor
with Uniform and Non-uniform Impurities
Distributions in the Film

C. Ravariu, A. Rusu
"POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest
Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications,
313, Splaiul Independentei, 77206, Bucharest, Romania

The analytical models of the electric field and potential distributions are useful for a lot of SOI devices, like SOI-MOSFET, SOI-BJT, pseudo-MOS transistors, SOI sensors and the others. One of the main interest is to establish the inversion or accumulation conditions at front or back interfaces.
The paper refers to a one-dimensional analysis, both for partially and fully depleted devices. The goal of this paper is to obtain the inversion conditions at the front interfaces in MOS/SOI capacitors with uniform and gaussian profile of the impurities in the silicon film. The study of the inversion onset at the interface Buried-Oxide/Substrate is investigated too.
The results are useful because they give an efficient method for threshold voltage deducing in many situations. They also represent a reference point in developing news models for SOI-devices manufactured on the films uniform or non-uniform doping. The results were compared with PISCES numerical simulations and were in a good agreement.