Francis E.H. TAY, Ciprian ILIESCU, Hui Tong CHUA
Nanotips Array for Thermoelectric Collers Fabricated Using Notching Effect of Reflected Charges on Mask

This paper presents a new fabrication process for nanotips array using notching effect of reflected charges on mask (NECROM). The new fabrication process is based on two phenomenons: flowing of an AZ9260 thick photoresist mask when is baked at 120°C and the notching effect of the reflected charges from the photoresist mask in a plasma etching process. The heating of the photoresist at different temperature and time, different profile of the masking layer walls can be achieved. During the plasma etching process, the charges (ions and radicals) are reflected by the oblique profile of the masking layer walls and generate an undercut. This phenomenon was associated with an isotropic etching process in a Deep RIE system to produce tips. Due to the isotropy of the process, the tips are generated. The results indicate that the radiuses of the tips are in the range of 40 to 60 nm.

Keywords: Nanotips, deep RIE, notching effect, NERCOM.